Claremont is hosting the largest independent startup community for local entrepreneurs to network and learn from each other in partnership with the Google this May.

210E Workspace founder, Ehmandah Ramsey, has taken the director role for Claremont in the Startup Grind X convention coming to Claremont on May 14. Google is a proud partner of Startup Grind, the largest community for startup entrepreneurs that inspire, connects and educates 1.5 million people starting up their own businesses across the world.

Reaching 125 countries, Claremont is now one of the 500 chapters around the globe that is a part of such a motivated and largely backed community. The first Claremont Startup Grind X event will be hosted by Dee Hankins, an inspirational speaker who started his own business by turning the trials and tribulations of his past into a lucrative speaking career.

Hankins, a 31-year-old motivational speaker, travels around the country for conferences and events for his living, but started his career during a ten-minute inspirational speech at a middle school. He still speaks to youth about how he has turned his life around from the foster care system and his tough upbringing to cultivate his future.

“I grew up in foster care, so moving from place to place is the foundation of my story,” Hankins said. “Then I just met people in the speaking industry that said ‘Hey you kind of have this talent for speaking… if you can take that and pair with your story you can do some good.’”

Hankins said he always wanted to be on foster youth panels when he was younger and knew he wanted to be a public speaker. However, he was headed down the path to be an entertainment lawyer when he was attended college. His “pseudo-dad” took him to a middle school for his first motivational speech at a middle school and that was what got the ball rolling for Hankin’s speaking career today.

On May 14, Hankins will be speaking at the first ever Startup Grind X event in Claremont, hosted by 210E, about creating a business from your struggle. While not everyone wants to be a motivational speaker, he believes that anybody with a passion they want to pursue can successfully start a business in any industry.

“Your traumatic events in your past can be a business for you down the line. It can shape what you want to do, how to help people and how you can turn that into a business,” he said. “I thrive off honesty. Just really being honest with listeners and letting them know that they have the potential to do what they want to do, but you have to be willing to put in the work.”

Tickets to see Dee Hankins and to cultivate and  grow your network as a startup entrepreneur at the Startup Grind X event in Claremont are available here. For more information and updates about the event, follow @startupgrindclaremont.

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